Wormamec  - Broad Spectrum Worm and Bot Paste for Horses
Wormamec  - Broad Spectrum Worm and Bot Paste for Horses

Wormamec - Broad Spectrum Worm and Bot Paste for Horses

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Say goodbye to worm worries with Wormamec – the ultimate defense against worms and bots for your beloved horses, from foals to adults.

Wormamec is your horse's shield against a wide range of parasites, including those pesky large and small strongyles, resistant strains, bots, and other nasty nematodes. It even tackles skin lesions caused by certain parasites, like those frustrating summer sores.

Key Benefits:

  • Comprehensive protection: Wormamec covers a broad spectrum of worms and bots, ensuring your horse stays healthy and happy.
  • Powered by abamectin: This potent yet safe ingredient is the backbone of Wormamec, offering effective parasite control without harmful side effects.
  • Easy administration: No hassle here! Wormamec comes in a smooth, sticky paste that's a breeze to administer, making it stress-free for both you and your horse.
  • Safety first: With Wormamec, you can rest assured that you're giving your horse a product with a wide safety margin, suitable for foals, pregnant mares, and older or weaker horses.
  • Convenient packaging: Each tube of Wormamec contains 33g of paste, ensuring you have plenty on hand whenever your horse needs protection.


Protect your equine companion with Wormamec – because a healthy horse is a happy horse.


Read more in our Essential Guide to Horse Worming.

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