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ScourSTOP - 4.4kg
ScourSTOP - 4.4kg

ScourSTOP - 4.4kg

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A non-digestible gel with electrolytes, for the treatment and prevention of calf diarrhoea. For animal treatment only.

Active ingredients per 20g measuring spoon: Mucopolysaccharides 8.12g Glucose 8.12g Sodium bicarbonate 1.52g Sodium chloride 0.92g Sodium citrate 0.59g Potassium chloride 0.53g Magnesium Hydroxide 0.16g

Indications: For the treatment of diarrhoea in young calves. ScourSTOP is an electrolyte mixture plus mucopolysaccharide. It is effective in reducing the duration, frequency and severity of diarrhoea in affected calves. ScourSTOP should be given orally after dissolving in warm water.

Directions for use: For oral use only. Administer immediately after mixing.

 1st treatment (35 kg calf) 

2nd treatment 

3rd treatment 

4th treatment 

0 hours 

12 hours 

24 hours 

36 hours 

3 level 20g scoops ScourSTOP in 1.5 litres water at 400C

3 level 20g scoops ScourSTOP in 1.5 litres water at 400C

3 level 20g scoops ScourSTOP in 1.5 litres water at 400C

2 level 20g scoops ScourSTOP in 750 ml water plus 750 ml of milk at 40C.


  1. Pre-cream the powder with a small amount of water before adding the rest of the water.
  2. This treatment is suitable for calves up to 35 kg live weight. For heavier calves the dose of ScourSTOP and volume of water/milk should be adjusted accordingly.

ScourSTOP therapy should be commenced immediately loose faeces become apparent. Where diarrhoea is endemic ScourSTOP therapy may begin where calves first lose appetite. During the course of ScourSTOP no other food or oral medication should be given. Most calves will drink readily when offered prepared ScourSTOP from a bucket.

If marked clinical improvement is evident following the second treatment the third treatment may be replaced by the final treatment at the 24 hour point.

In severe cases of diarrhoea

1 standard dose (3 level 20g scoops, i.e.60g ScourSTOP in 1.5 litres water at 400C) should be given every 8 hours for six treatments. A final treatment made up of 2 level 20g scoops, i.e. 40g ScourSTOP in750 ml water at 400C topped up with 750 ml of milk should be given 8 hours after the 6th treatment. Such cases should be closely monitored and concurrent parenteral anti-bacterial therapy initiated if necessary. Consult your veterinary advisor.

Following the final treatment with ScourSTOP gradually resume normal feeding. Where some clinical signs of diarrhoea persist a half scoop, i.e. 10g ScourSTOP may be added to the milk at each feed until recovery is complete.

Preventative Treatment: Preventative treatment may benefit stressed or bought in calves. One standard treatment, 3 level 20g scoops, i.e. 60g ScourSTOP in 1.5 litres water at 400C) should be administered on entry to the calf rearing unit.

Contraindications: Do not administer with oral antibiotics, antispasmodics or other oral electrolyte formulations or whenever intestinal obstruction is present. Withholding period: nil

Storage: Store at room temperature below 30C. Avoid freezing. Reseal the container immediately after use. Protect from light and moisture.

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