Propol - 5L
Propol - 5L

Propol - 5L

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The High Content Propylene Glycol Mixture Oral treatment for acidosis (acetonaemia, ketosis) in cattle and pregnancy toxaemia (“sleepy sickness”) in sheep.

Acetol is a pink, liquid, high in propylene glycol content (860g/litre), with choline chloride, potassium iodide and cobalt sulphate.

Indications: Acidosis (ketosis) in cattle.

Pregnancy toxaemia (“sleepy sickness” in sheep). These hypoglycemic conditions respond to the raised blood sugar levels stimulated by dosing with propylene glycol. A supportive tonic. Helps support debilitated and convalescent animals when appetite is poor.

Action: Propylene glycol converts to propionate and assists to raise blood glucose levels. Ketone levels reduce and general metabolic function is stimulated.

Choline assists liver function by increasing phospholipid metabolism and mobilizing fats.

Iodine is provided as ketotic cows have often been observed to have low serum iodine levels.

Cobalt ensures Vitamin B12 production is maintained for carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism.

Dosage: Give as a drench for 3-4 days or as necessary.

  • Cattle: 240ml twice daily
  • Sheep: 120ml twice daily

As a supportive tonic:

  • Sheep: 30-60ml daily
  • Lambs: 20-30ml daily
  • Cattle: 120-240ml daily
  • Calves: 30-60ml daily

Acetol dilutes with water for easy administration. The dilution may be up to 10 times with water. The daily dose may be divided to be given 3-4 times daily.

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