Povidine - 4L
Povidine - 4L

Povidine - 4L

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Quality Iodine hand scrub.

A Bactericidal, Sporicidal, Fungicidal and Virucidal Cleanser. Available in 5 litre.
7.5% Povidine Iodine, equivalent to .75% available Iodine.

Indications: For surgeries: As a pre-operative wash for operating personnel and for pre-operative use on patients. For routine ward and medical procedures: Use whenever prophylactic anti-infective action is indicated.

Directions for use: Pre-operative Washing by Operating Personnel: Wet hands with water, pour 3.5ml Povidine Scrub and spread over both hands, rub Povidine Scrub thoroughly over all areas for 2 mins. A brush should be used at least once, particularly during the first pre-operative wash of the day. Clean thoroughly under fingernails, and develop copious suds. Rinse thoroughly under running water.

Pre-operative use on Patients: After the skin area is shaved, wet it with water, apply Povidine Scrub (1ml is sufficient to cover 125-200sq, cm of skin), and rub thoroughly for 2 mins. Develop a lather with sterile gauze saturated with water, then rinse of area may then be painted with Povidine Solution and allowed to dry.

Routine Ward and Medical Procedures: Wet hands with water, apply 3.5ml Povidine Scrub over both hands, and rub thoroughly for 20-30 seconds. Develop copious suds with additional water, and rinse thoroughly. Use whenever prophylactic anti-infective action is indicated.

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