Livamol - 20kg
Livamol - 20kg
Livamol - 20kg
Livamol - 20kg

Livamol - 20kg

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A nutritional supplement of proteins, energy, and polyunsaturated oil for animals and birds

A nutritional supplement for animals and birds to improve coat condition and general appearance of all stock

  • Livamol is a proven formula of oil and protein meals, all selected for their ability to improve skin and coat condition
  • Livamol is Australasia’s leading coat conditioner
  • Brilliant coats, ‘cool’ energy and palatability enhancer
  • Suitable for horses, foals, cattle, calves, sheep, goats, kids, lambs, poultry, pigs, dogs, llamas, alpacas and camels
  • Formulated to supplement daily intakes of protein, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals including calcium and phosphorus
  • LIVAMOL is the essential ingredient for that perfect coat!

Presentation: A highly palatable rich red meal.

Active Constituents:

Each 200 g portion contains:

  • VITAMIN A – 12,000 I.U.
  • VITAMIN D3 – 2,400 I.U.
  • VITAMIN B1 – 0.2 mg
  • VITAMIN B2 – 0.4 mg

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