B-Quiet Powder - 600g
B-Quiet Powder - 600g

B-Quiet Powder - 600g

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Calms nervous horses. A supplement formulated to support horses suffering the symptoms of thiamine deficiency such as hyperirritability and nervousness.

Active Constituents: Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) – 1,000mg (30g*), 33,333mg (1kg).


To nutritionally support excitable and high-strung horses

For horses on high grain intakes

For horses in heavy training

Thiamine plays a vital role in carbohydrate metabolism and nerve transmission and can help reduce nervous behavior in horses

Treats the symptoms of thiamine deficiency

May reduce the risk of weight loss and anxious/nervous behavior

Dosage & Administration:

The following amounts should be fed daily. Mix well with feed.

30g*per day Mix into the feed for as long as signs persist for horses on high grain intakes or those in heavy training
Double doses (60g per day) May be given for 2 days prior to a show, competition or racing

Other feed-management practices to reduce nervous behavior should be implemented. Such practices include matching energy intake with body condition and workload, using a high-fat supplement such as KER Equi-Jewel as an alternative energy source to grain, and the use of a low starch complete feed.

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